HTML Guide For Dummies


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head = not seen as text in the website

body = the things you actually sees in the site

h(1-6) = heading

p = paragraph

ul = unordered list(bullet list)

ol = ordered list(numbered list)

li = list item

a = hyperlink

img = image

alt = alternative text for images(in case of slow connection, error with image or if the user is using a screen reader)

br = line break

strong/b = bold

em/i = italic

strike = crossed text

u = underline

sub = subscript

sup = superscript

marquee = side scrolling text, like banner airplanes in the sky

button = makes a button

lang = declares the language of the web page

iframe = inline frame(it is kind of like a window to the link)

Change the wallpaper, it's...a bit greyer than what we expected...

footer = text aligned to the bottom of the screen(good for copyrights, contact informations and the date of the site's creation)


body = edits everything in the body tags

h(1-6) = edits everything in the h(1-6) tags

a = edits all the links

a:visited = edits all the visited links

a:hover = edits when hovering over links

p = edits everything in the p tags

img = edits every images(can be used to make every image the same size and stuff)

color = text color

background-color = background color

background-image = set a background image

width = define the wideness of an element, you can use px or %

text-align = aligns the texts

margin = spacing outside of the sector

padding = spacing inside of the sector

flex = auto:fluid-y; 1:same width

= edits everything in the




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